Modification springs for Nerf N-Strike Elite [XD] Rough Cut - B00BGNTREA

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    • Modification springs for Nerf N-Strike Elite [XD] Rough Cut - B00BGNTREA
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  • Contenu de la livraison: Installation Manual, Modification-Spring

  • Produit: Modification springs for Nerf N-Strike Elite [XD] Rough Cut

  • Type de produit: Spring

  • Marque: Blasterparts

  • Fabricant: Blasterparts

  • Contenu: Installation Manual, Modification-Spring The perfect supplement for your tactical Nerf Elite [XD] Rough Cut

    Be it as an underbarrel Masterkey or sawed of shotgun, this dartblaster gets the job done. The Rough Cut is one of the most underrated versatile blasters out there, because the doubled-up plunger system that is unique to this Blaster allows for precise two-in-a-row shot placement as well as doubled stopping power by firing two darts at once. The built-in Slam-Fire mechanism allows the operator to fill a complete room with flying darts if necessary.

    Whoever plans on using his Elite Rough Cut as efficient as possible, should consider this Spring Set for maximum power.

    Facts on the powered-up 2x4

    • Equivalent mass of spring-set: 6kg
    • Firing range increase: 30%
    • Muzzle velocity increase: 30%
    • Difficulty of installation: moderate

    Tactical advantage with your modified combat shotgun

    The Rough Cuts mechanism is a little more complicated than most other blasters, that's why a rough understanding of the blasters inner workings are assumed.

    After opening up the blaster-shell, you can remove most of its mechanics in one piece. On top of that piece sits the plunger assembly which you will need to access. Once the plungers are free, they can be pushed out of the front of their respective tubes to access and swap the springs. Lastly simply reassemble, making sure thet both plungers are sitting in the correct orientation and inside the correct plunger tube.

    Note: Blasterparts modification products are no toys. Not suitable for children! The installation of the mod kit causes a significant increase in performance. When playing with other people appropriate eye-protection-goggles should be worn as a precaution. Do not aim at face or eyes of other people.

    Modification springs for Nerf N-Strike Elite [XD] Rough Cut - B00BGNTREA

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